Client: Property "collection of complextype" parsed with exception

Topics: OData Library
May 11, 2014 at 4:40 PM
I created OData service v4.
My entityset "Object" has property ICollection<Field> Fields where Field is ComplexType.
When getting an object in browser there any error and object returned with collection of fields (in json format")

When getting an object with Microsoft.OData.Client 6.2/6.3 context (generated with tool there is an error :

There is a type mismatch between the client and the service. Type 'Field' is an entity type, but the type in the response payload does not represent an entity type. Please ensure that types defined on the client match the data model of the service, or update the service reference on the client.

Field is not(!) described by modelBuilder.EntitySet so I don't know why an error says else..