share model between client and server

Topics: OData Library
Aug 6, 2014 at 8:43 PM

i (reflection) hacken the official release so i am able to fill the ClientEdmModel with the EdmModel from the Service so i can reuse the model information and that way i can reuse my contract classes.

I would like to create a pull request so i dont need to hack stuff to do what i want.

Are there any design decisions that collide with the approach of reusing the service model or can i create a Pullrequest to enable that behavior.

Why does the client rely on the ClientEdmModel and not just any implementation of IEdmModel?There are so many interfaces which is good and i dont quite understand why to rely on a specific implementation.

Also there are some functions like expand with lamda that dont rely on the ClientEdmModel to validate whether a type is an entity or not. that breaks my hacked code because it requires attributes. I dont use attributes but fluent api to decorate my model that way i can keep the contracts without any attributes that are communication related.

Greetings Erodan