Simple projection fails


Using LINQPad v4.47.02 (WCF Data Services 5.5), connecting to the NuGet OData feed ( https://nuget.org/api/v2 ), this fails:

Packages.Select(x => x.Id)

NotSupportedException: Individual properties can only be selected from a single resource or as part of a type. Specify a key predicate to restrict the entity set to a single instance or project the property into a named or anonymous type.

In this thread it's explained that this is because the OData protocol doesn't support it, but this is actually purely a client bug. This should be handled by the Expression translator in the library.


mausch wrote Oct 19, 2013 at 11:04 PM

Also, if you add a Take() you get a totally different (and cryptic) exception:

Packages.Select(x => x.Id).Take(20)

InvalidCastException: Unable to cast object of type 'System.Data.Services.Client.NavigationPropertySingletonExpression' to type 'System.Data.Services.Client.ResourceSetExpression'

or if you add a condition you get yet another misleading exception:

.Where(x => x.IsLatestVersion && x.IsAbsoluteLatestVersion)
.Select(x => x.Id)

NotSupportedException: Can only specify query options (orderby, where, take, skip) after last navigation.

Which is incorrect, since replacing the projection in the above expression with an anonymous type works fine.